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The Technicalities of Making Your Own Blog:  Once you have chosen a topic for your blog you’ll need to figure out some technical issues such as whether or not you will host the blog on its own domain, finding and choosing a web host for your blog, and how to choose a blogging platform.

These are all very important aspects that can make your blogging business easier or harder. But, don’t panic, none of this is as hard as it seems at first. You had to learn to crawl before learning to walk, and the same can be said for learning about blogging and all the technical issues involved. Take one thing at a time, and you’ll eventually surprise yourself and be off and running.

Making Your Own BlogChoosing if your blog should have its own domain name or not depends on a couple factors. If you already have products and services, and want to blog about those, then you should definitely put the blog on that business’s domain.

You can upload WordPress to a sub domain on your original domain such as regardless of what platform you’ve used to build your business website.

But, if you are starting a brand new blog, a blog as a business, there may be some reasons why you might want to use one of the hosted blogging solutions such as,,, or others which are mostly free.

Since is the best blogging software/platform to use, if you want to start out with a free service it is simpler to start at This is because you will be able to easily move everything over to your own server once you get the blog going. They make it very simple to purchase a domain name and hosting via too.

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Before you buy your own domain name, a blog hosted at will be called something like, “”, or some other domain depending on the platform you use. If you self-host your blog then you can choose a new domain for it that does not have a sub domain signifying that it’s hosted on a free blogging site.

Then your blog will be “” – no extra dots and names. Choosing a keyword rich – and relevant – domain name of your own can bring many benefits, but also carry costs and the need to have technology know-how that having a free blog doesn’t.

You’ll need to decide for yourself whether you want to host your blog yourself (self-host), or whether you’re okay with just having a free blog in the meantime.


Free Hosted Blog – The Drawbacks

If you host your blog on a free platform, then the bottom line is always that you do not own it and anything can happen.

The main drawback to having a free blog is that your blog can be cancelled anytime the host wants to cancel it. Usually their Terms Of Service leave you with very few rights.

Secondly, it can be more difficult to earn revenue depending on the platform that you pick.

Plus, it doesn’t really look that professional!

Self-Hosting – The Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of choosing to host your own blog is that you own the blog – lock stock and barrel – it’s yours! All the content, all your hard work is your own property – your “real estate”, and no one can shut you down without your permission.

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The second biggest benefit is that you can choose your own domain name.

However, the main drawback here is being able to learn the technology to manage the blog, or having the funds to hire someone who does.

If you choose to host the blog yourself, thus choosing your own domain name, then you’ll need to pick a keyword rich domain name that speaks to your topic. It’s best to choose a domain name without dashes and ending in .com for best results.

You can purchase domain names via your webhosting company, or your can purchase your domain names separately from a service such as NameCheap (which is the one I personally use for all my blog domains). You then host the blog itself someplace else, but use NameCheap as the place to manage all your domain names.

The next thing you’ll need to do is find a web host for your blog. A web host is a service where you essentially rent space on someone’s server to keep your blog. What to look for in a web host depends on how what type of blogging platform you plan to use, as well as how technologically savvy you are. Look for a host that offers good customer service, free moving service, plenty of space, FTP and cpanel access. I highly recommend Arvixe, their packages are a great price and their customer support is second to none.

Do some research on a few different services to find out how reliable they are by checking on their “uptime” promise. Uptime should not be less than 99%! After all, this is your business. You can go with a small company like MomWebs which offers exceptional customer service and help especially for people who don’t know what they are doing. Or you can use a big company like Hostgator which also has good customer service but no so much of the personal touch. Hostgator has a great library of instructional “how to” videos and tutorials too.

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It helps to know what blogging platform you’ll be using when you choose your webhost because you need to know whether or not your platform of choice will work on that particular host. Which platform you choose also depends on your skill, ability to learn, and how much time you have to sink into learning.

Free Blog Hosting Platforms

The best blogging platform out there for self hosting websites is, bar none, WordPress. You can learn all about WordPress at Most good webhosts will automatically install the initial WordPress for you or offer “one click” installation. As you learn more, you’ll become more comfortable with the technology and be a pro in no time.


And, if you want to have your blog set up for you, so you don’t have to worry about all the technical stuff – you just want to start writing, then make sure to visit my offer here Free Blog Setup Service. It is a really easy way to get you up and running quickly and started off blogging without all the fuss.

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