Earn Money Squidoo!

Making Money On Squidoo – Learn How:

A lot of people earn money Squidoo style – and you can too! I have recently started to make some Squidoo lenses to supplement my online income.

Earn Money Squidoo

Making Money On Squidoo

UPDATE: I no longer do anything with Squidoo and recommend that you don’t either. They have brought in filters that delete your hard work without a second thought. many people have been burned, many have seen massive drop in traffic and earnings. It has been an extremely trying time and Squidoo can no longer be trusted as a place to publish your hard work.

Squidoo is a place where as long as you follow their rules, you can make a page – called a lens – on almost anything you like. The “do nots” include such things as adult and spammy type things. Your lens can be instructional, informative, a sales page or even a story from your life. Really anything you want to write about, you can do on Squidoo – share your creative skills with the world.

How You Can Earn Money Squidoo Style:

Affiliate Links:

Squidoo allows you to place affiliate links on your pages, and they also “profit share’ with their authors.

First, you can use Squidoo’s “modules” to select products from Amazon, eBay and some others. This way you get to share 50% of any purchases that are made from people clicking through and making purchases from your lens.

If you choose, you can put your own affiliate links onto your lens – rather than Squidoo’s ones. This way you may be able to earn a little more. For example, from an Amazon purchase you will receive 4.25% if the purchase is made via one of the Squidoo Amazon modules. But, if you use your own affiliate link, you will get paid whatever current commission rate you are on with Amazon.

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Squidoo Profit Shares With It’s Authors:

Squidoo gives you a share of the profits from clicks on advertising site wide – depending on the “rank” of your lens. At this early stage in my Squidoo journey, it seems that it requires either a very exceptional lens – or a whole lot of work – to maintain a “lens rank” that will be of much value. The lower the lens rank number – the better. Once a lens go over 400,000 in rank, it is delisted in Squidoo and is also then “gone” from Google search results.

Lens rank changes every day and depends on a number of internal Squidoo ranking factors, which can include click-outs, visitors, any sales made off lens etc. Then there are also the “Squid Angels” who journey around the lenses looking for special ones to bestow a little blessing on. A Squid Angel blessing will give a lens a small boost in lens rank which lasts for a little while.

Squidoo Lens Ranking:

Tier 1 lenses: up to 2000

Tier 2 lenses 2001 to 10,000

Tier 3 lenses 10,001 to 80,000

Anything over that will most likely not share in the advertising revenue payouts.

A Tier 1 lens currently is paid around $60.00 for a month, Tier 2 around $9.00 and Tier 3 around $0.50

MySquidoo Earnings:

I joined on 29th November 2012 and received my first payout from Squidoo on 15th February. Although I am not particularly interested in sharing my earnings on an on-going basis, I am going to publish my first couple of months.

February 2013:

Received in my Paypal account from Squidoo: $7.39 plus I made around $5.00 from my own affiliate links.

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All in all, not too bad for my first payment and only 15 lenses.

Shortly I will be providing information as a guide that will help you understand how you too can earn money Squidoo style.

You can visit my Squidoo pages here: Romantic  Bedroom Ideas

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