5 Benefits Of Using Pinterest In Marketing

Five Proven Benefits of Pinterest in Marketing: You have probably heard about Pinterest. I bet that even if you don’t frequent the site yet, you have been hearing great reviews about it. The exponential growth of Pinterest is something to marvel at. In just a short period of time, it became a strong third to the top dogs, Facebook and Twitter and even blasting the likes of Google Plus, LinkedIn and Tumblr. Simply, Pinterest has soooo much potential that is seriously not to be ignored.

Before we delve into the details – here are some interesting facts that marketers are drooling over. For example

  • Pinterest’s reach is more than 20 million users – thus making it the third largest social media site
  • Pinterest has over 104 million visitors per month
  • An average user spends around 405 minutes per month which is roughly the same with the time being spent by Facebook users
  • More than 25% of buyers say that they bought something after seeing it on Pinterest. Pinterest is an impulse-buying pusher, since people tend to buy something that they see on the site.
  • With this, Pinterest is now driving organic traffic to websites far better than Yahoo and it also drives traffic better than You Tube, LinkedIn and Twitter.

How To Monetize Pinterest?

The sheer explosion in activity and burst of excitement is enough for people to ask – how do you monetize all that activity? I bet you are like me, in asking that very same question.

Pretty much every venture on the Internet wants to make money. Regardless if it is a non-profit or not, the bottom line will always be the only line to take. That’s why people are putting their brains through the wringer in the hope of squeezing out ideas that can help them use the natural leverage provided by Pinterest to get some cash flowing into their bank accounts.

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Pinterest for Marketing Benefits

Let’s get the facts straight here. Pinterest frowns upon purely commercial activities on its system. That is why it went after affiliate links and made it difficult to make money that way.

While waiting for the tide to tone down a bit, it is important to know that there are several other ways to get some great cash flowing to you via from Pinterest – without necessarily breaking their policies. If you are interested then read on, you may find some interesting suggestions and give it a try.

1. Photographs Rule

Photographs make Pinterest what it is today. Photographs are king as far as Pinterest is concerned. At the same time, it is the photographs that will give you that natural leverage to drive traffic and boost sales. High-quality pictures plus creatively-made boards will lead you to more pins and re-pins that will give your brand that much needed boost.


2. Viral Marketing is King on Pinterest

Viral marketing becomes more effective with Pinterest. Unlike other social networks, you can follow a complete stranger on Pinterest because you share the same ugh… interests. The way Pinterest connects people is the key why people can make money from the social media. Be wary about this one because Pinterest may not like this pro-commerce activity. That is why it is best to do some guerrilla warfare on this one.

3. Social Media Integration

Since Pinterest is also a glorified social bookmarking site that can connect with Facebook and Twitter. When a person gets to re-pin your content it is shared quite extensively not only on that person’s network but also over the two giant social media site. This will expand the visibility of your brand and products. This allows you to have a better chance of snatching that potential for sales.

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4. Effective Back links

This is something that’s often forgotten or relegated to lower priorities when in fact, it is so important. Back links are what your SEO folks are drooling over. It is the simplest form of driving traffic back to your website. With back links under your belt, you can be assured of better traffic moving on.

5. Traffic To Your Blog

Blogs are small businesses. You can generate a lot of traffic for your blog when you use Pinterest to promote it. Pin pictures on the services that you offer so that your audience will think about your business when they need you at hand.

Making money with Pinterest is a skill but not difficult. You need to be patient in taking time to learn the system and make it work for you. The better you become with this new social media site increases your chances to get money from it.

Does Pinterest Really Convert to Buyers?

There has been a lot of talk lately on how Pinterest can generate lots of high converting leads. In fact, this is the reason why businesses are eager to jump in the Pinterest bandwagon. Marketers believe that Pinterest is the next big marketing platform since Facebook and why not?

How is Pinterest a potent force in sales conversion? Well, Pinterest is unique because it is graphics-driven rather than text-driven. Pinterest reduces the total number of steps needed from discovery to conversion. If a picture of a product is pinned – normally clicking on the image will lead you to a website where you can place your order.

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This is relatively easier compared say to Twitter. A celebrity-endorsed product may coax a follower to buy something from Twitter which is something very unlikely because of the amount of money you need for the endorsement. The writing on the wall is clear. Pinterest gives customers are clear-cut path towards purchasing compared to other social media sites.

As mentioned above, Pinterest is a highly-effective traffic-driving machine. Ten million unique visitors are no laughing matter – and wouldn’t you love just a little piece of that pie?


What makes Pinterest interesting is that there are links that come with the pins. Marketers love people pinning images that link back to their main website. This is how traffic and lead building is generated. More leads mean more opportunities to convert which can lead to better sales figures! Pinterest has shown that it can provide valuable inbound links – which can give you a high probability that people will come to your own website to look at your products.

So Yup – Pinterest really does convert – and in a massive way If you are not using Pinterest for your marketing yet, then you really need to get on!

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